Nemrut Dagi, Large Ancient Statues on a Mountain Summit

The town of Kahta is only a 30 minutes dolmus ride from Adiyaman City. It was already afternoon when I arrived, the otogar is located at the heart of the town, with a market and commercial establishments next to it.

After I turned down some taxi drivers, a middle aged guy came to me and introduced himself. He is the owner of the Karadut Pansiyon in Karadut village, the village closest to Mount Nemrut. We talked for a while and he seems like a trustable person so staying at his guesthouse didn’t seem like a bad idea, I didn’t have any other plan or room reservation anyway. He pointed out that dolmus runs infrequently to Karadut, and there was one happened to be waiting for some passengers near the market.

Doner Kebab in Kahta

It took some time for the dolmus to fill up and I had enough time to go and eat some doner kebab. Kebabs here are cheaper than in Istanbul.

From Kahta the road ascends to Karadut and the dolmus made frequent stops to drop and take some passengers on the way. Finally I got to Karadut Pansiyon and had the chance to rest, before going to Nemrut Dagi early morning the next day.

Karadut Pansiyon
Karadut Pansiyon

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