My Own Walking Tour in Goreme, Cappadocia

With a digital map, bottled water and some determination I set out on foot to explore this Anatolia region best known for its natural “fairy chimneys” rock formations.

The route:
Goreme – Pigeon Valley – Uchisar – Love Valley – Cavusin – Rose Valley – Red Valley – Aktepe Hill – Goreme

The red line is more or less the path I took

A total 18 km of walking in one day! Boys & girls, this is my secret of never gaining weight :))

Pigeon Valley
Pigeon Valley
Welcome to my crib for the day
Welcome to my crib for the day!
Uchisar Cave Dwellings
Uchisar cave dwellings


The sun was already high above the horizon when I was in Uchisar. I didn’t proceed right away to my next destination because I took a short nap first in one of the empty caves. Those caves are actually man-made. People in Cappadocia used to carve out houses, churches and monasteries from the rocks. Until a few decades ago many still lived in the cave dwellings but nowadays people have moved out in favor of modern housing. Only some numbers of the caves are still in use for touristic purposes today.

Do you have an idea why this place is called the Love Valley?!
I have no idea why this place is called the Love Valley

Up next: Cavusin.

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