The Krakatoa Volcano

The 1883 Eruption of Krakatoa is one of the most violent volcanic events in recorded history. The volcano is its own island and still active. Located in the middle of Sunda Strait, it’s growing at an average growth of 6.8 meters per year.

With a bunch of friends I went to “Dermaga Canti” in Lampung and hired a boat from the local boatman. A few throw-ups and some hours later we arrived. From afar I could see it constantly emitting volcanic clouds from the top. The boatman warned us but we kept walking up, hoping to get a better view.

Krakatoa eruption

Krakatoa eruption

We were just halfway to top when we heard an explosion-like noise. The volcano spitted out dark ashes and small rocks, this is when we decided that it’s too dangerous to keep going. We headed back, after taking some group photos of course. :D

Krakatoa eruption


Krakatoa, Pulau, Lampung, Indonesia


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