Rafflesia Arnoldii in Bengkulu

Rafflesia Arnoldii can grow to to a diameter of one meter, it’s the largest flower on earth endemic to the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. To see the flower in it’s real habitat is a rare chance. It’s difficult to locate the flower in forests, as the buds take many months to develop and the flower lasts for just a few days.

So I was in Bengkulu and heard some info about the flower, I rent a motorbike and rode all the way to Kepahiang, 40 km from the city of Bengkulu. Half of the road going there was in bad condition full of potholes, and then it’s less than ten minutes walk to the forest from the main road. When I arrived the flower had not fully bloomed (Probably it would take 2 more days).


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